Conj Blocks

A diverse suite of modular Gutenberg blocks that fit together seamlessly to create the perfect website you’ve always wanted.

Conj responsive WooCommerce theme Gutenberg blocks
What is Conj Blocks?

It is a great premium UI package including all the important and needed features so you can jumpstart the hard work and get right to the webshop creation fast and easy with dozens of customized Gutenberg components.

How often do you release new updates?

We are continuously creating new stuff for Conj and releasing updates on a regular basis, at least 1-2 updates per month with consistent features and new blocks added.

Can Conj Blocks be used with any theme?

Note that this extension is designed to work specifically with Conj – eCommerce WordPress Theme, It will not function with any other.

Conj documentation

Well documented

If you are looking to quickly add the Conj theme to your shop, head over to our documentation page and start exploring the compelling advantages of it.

Conj support

6 months technical support

Have peace of mind knowing that our team is expected to be available to provide the premium support and answer your questions about the item and how to use it.

Built for awesomeness

Is it too difficult or too expensive to work with WordPress? – Think again!
Meet Conj Blocks to assemble stylish pages faster than ever.

Conj common blocks


A collection of handy and simple blocks which include everything you need to build and organize your content around the website.

Conj embeds blocks


A group of blocks that can be helpful when you might need to pull and display the content from a 3rd party service like Youtube or others.

Conj elements blocks


Flexible and extensible set of blocks that shapes the entire layout of your webpage and offers you a straightforward user interface to customize.

Conj PowerPack widget blocks


A set of REST API based and integrated built-in Gutenberg blocks to showcase and highlight your webshop content within their data.


No matter you want to build a small business webshop or a complex one, CONJ theme offers you great tools and features in order to do that in no time!