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Conj is a unique mobile-first grid-based and ultimate WooCommerce theme with a collection of UI elements that are all flexible and modular. A complete and customizable solution filled with design examples and features that will really help you to create a robust and modern looking webshop in no time.

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Complete Demos at Your Hand

A complete and customizable solution to building the webshop of your dreams!

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Conj theme camping and outdoor demo



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Gift cards


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Conj WordPress theme useful features

The Most Useful Features

ever created for store owners

+💯 Ready-to-Use Templates

Not a developer or designer? No problem!

Sometimes knowing where to start is the hard part and this is why we’ve provided everything you need to create a professional webshop with shipping a vast collection of pre-made templates that you can use to jumpstart your design in no time.

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Interactive Modular Mega-Menu

Did you know that if your customers don’t find what they are looking for in the first 10 seconds, they leave and probably never to return?

Conj theme comes with a built-in mega-menu feature which enables you to add any content you wish using widgets that can be rearranged and resized to display within your primary navigation area and help your customers to discover your products effortlessly.

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Deep Integration W/ WooCommerce

WooCommerce is a highly dependable e-commerce plugin that powers more than 40 percent of all online stores.

Whether you are a small business or a large enterprise, having a high-performing super-lightweight and super-stylish theme ensures your website loads quickly, helps customers engage with your brand and, most importantly, improves your site conversions.

Conj WordPress theme key features

Stay Focused on Your Business!

Conj aims to remove all barriers between you and 3rd party plugins by offering all the things that you need to run a successful webshop. Give us a try, and we promise you won’t regret it.

Conj WordPress theme import Gutenberg blocks

Gutenberg blocks

A diverse suite of modular Gutenberg blocks makes it easy to enjoyable the website design you want.

Conj key features two step checkout

Two-Steps checkout

Separates the input of user info and payment details into two pages to ensure a convenient experience.

Conj key features WPML

WPML certified

Fully compatible and tested with the most popular plugin that supports the creation of multilingual layouts.

Conj key features product image flipper

Product image flipper

Secondary product thumbnail on archives that is revealed when you hover over the main product image.

Conj WordPress theme product brands

Product brands

A built-in solution to create unlimited brands for your shop and classify your products by their brands.

Conj WordPress theme WooCommerce store vacation

Store vacation

Going on vacation? Schedule unlimited date ranges to put your shop on pause for a certain amount of time.

Conj WordPress theme variation attribute swatches

Attribute swatches

Display variations of a product like styles, sizes or anything else using color, text and image swatches.

Conj WordPress theme Google analytics

Google analytics

Get deeper insights into product page activity, shopping cart additions or removals, and purchase data.

Conj key features mega menu


Use drag & drop to add widgets that can be rearranged or resized to display any content in your navigation.

Conj key features quick view

Quick view

Append a quick view button to product loop which shows product details in a lightbox when clicked.

Conj key features RTL support

Right-to-Left support

The aesthetic of theme perfectly mirrored, even down to the details like icons and settings in the Customizer.

Conj key features header customizer

Header customizer

Toggle and rearrange header components like logo, mini-cart, search, navbar, etc. with drag & drop.

Conj key features featured reviews

Featured reviews

A Review management component to load in what your customers are saying about your business.

Conj key features demo import

Demo import

Import whole demo content and have your new website up and running in a matter of minutes.

Conj key features hero product

Hero product

Add an elegant hero component to the homepage of your webshop and watch conversions soar!

Conj key features product countdown

Product countdown

Using a countdown component for your on-sale products will help you increase purchases exponentially.

Conj key features product archive customizer

Product archive customizer

Toggle the display of core elements and enable some that are not even included in WooCommerce core.

Conj key features distraction free checkout

Distraction free checkout

Allow customer to focus on completing the checkout form by toggling the visibility of the components.

Conj key features percent sale badge

Sale percent badge

Make bargains easy to find by showing visitors how much they can save on any given product.

Conj key features sticky add to cart

Sticky add to cart

Display a bar at the top of the window which includes the product details info with an add to cart button.

Conj WordPress theme plans

Simple Plans For Everyone!

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Rich e-Commerce Experiences

No matter what kind of site you need, having a high-performing theme ensures your site loads quickly and improves your conversions.

From company websites and online stores to advanced e-Commerce features like attribute swatches, product brands taxonomy and in-depth Google Analytics integration, Conj theme offers all-in-one WordPress theme to build a beautiful online presence.


Everything you need to get your webshop off the ground.


Demo import

Gutenberg ready

WooCommerce ready

Blog post formats

Community support


Advanced design and e-Commerce features as your business grows.


All “Lite” features

+💯 Ready-to-use blocks

Flexible layout controls

Full e-Commerce features

Priority tech support

🔥 ……and much more

Conj WordPress theme helpful answers

Helpful Answers

Do I get free updates?

Yes. We update Conj – eCommerce WordPress Theme with each WordPress or WooCommerce release, plus are constantly adding new components, editor blocks, demo pages, and e-Commerce features as well.

How do I get help with the theme?

Support for the theme is given for 6 months after you purchase the theme and is specific to questions around functionality, bugs, and basic implementation.

The only and easiest way to receive support is to leave a comment on the item page here. Make sure to check the box to receive an email notification, this way you can quickly click on the email and view our response.

Can I use 3rd-party plugins with the theme?

Sadly we can’t guarantee compatibility with every single plugin available on the WordPress marketplace. However, have peace of mind knowing that Conj – eCommerce WordPress Theme is coded perfectly and will work excellently with any 3rd-party plugin coded to WordPress best practices.

How do I access the documentation?

Getting started with Conj – eCommerce WordPress Theme is easy, and it won’t take long to learn the basics, but if you need any help or just want to find out more about a particular feature, then these guides are for you.

Within our extensive documentation, you’ll find a collection of our latest how-to guides, covering the most recently added features as well as links to the most popular topics, which you might find helpful if you’re just getting started.

Can I use the theme on a test site?

Yes. As long as the activation meets ThemeForest license agreements, you can activate your Envato purchase code on any temporary or local environment for development purposes.

Can I use the theme for my clients?

Yes. You are free to use the Conj – eCommerce WordPress Theme to either build websites or transfer the license of your copy to your client when the project is finished.

What is the purchase code validation for?

It is essential to keep your Envato purchase code up to date to unleash the full potential of the Conj – eCommerce WordPress Theme as without validating the purchase code, you will be unable to get support, and the following features of the theme will not function:

* One-click website demo import.
* Importing pre-made templates.
* Installing or updating CONJ PowerPack plugin.
* Submitting support requests.

Can I use the theme on multiple websites?

Yes. There are no restrictions such as domain lock-in on how many times you can download or use the theme, and you are free to install your copy on as many websites as you like.

Conj – eCommerce WordPress Theme is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL Version 3.

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Need Any More Reason to Buy?

When you purchase a copy of the Conj – eCommerce WordPress Theme, you’re getting the highest quality WordPress theme for your WooCommerce powered store and gain peace of mind by knowing that your store’s performance and flexibility is as important to us as it is to you.